Wednesday musing

Most of my entries were posted when the 'lil one is taking a nap in the afternoon or asleep at night. I barely could spend time online when she is awake. Once I seated my butt on the computer, there she goes and wants to sit on my lap while she manipulates the keyboard and mouse. Most of the time, she just wanna watch her favorite videos on Youtube, other than that she just wants to mock what I am up to. It's annoying sometimes when she's on that mood especially when I have so much online tasks that are about to expire in an hour or two. The whole me is cut in between her and the assignments.

This afternoon, the lil one is still sleeping while updating this blog. She's been taking a nap since 2PM and it's already 4:49Pm here. So that means I've been freed from her messes and screams for nearly three hours now. I have cleaned the kitchen, cooked rice and still simmering nilagang baka. Have reciprocated dropping EC, submitted a few of my online tasks as well. At 5PM, I will be waking her up that she won't stay up til midnight tonight or it would be a burden again on my shoulder.

Oh I would love to tell you that it didn't rain today. Hence, while looking at the sky, I saw thick clouds and seem it's going to rain again tonight. I don't mind at all as I am not going anywhere tonight or tomorrow. I hope it'll be fine the next day after tomorrow as I wanna go somewhere else. The hubby is off on that day so I have a driver with me lol.

Alright, enough for today, I have to check on my nilagang baka and wakie-wakie the lil one afterwards.

Have a good evening everyone!


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