Midnight drama

Gosh! The lil one just went to bed and it's already midnight here. She actually was in bed at around 10PM when all of the sudden she woke up screaming. Seemed she was having a bad dream or might be her gums were bothering again. I consoled her and she calmed down. After a few minutes, she started screaming again while yawning. She so wanted to go right back to sleep but she couldn't.

After an over an hour battle, she finally able to put herself back to sleep. I put her again in her bed when she settled down. Did not react or cry either when I closed the door, leaving her alone in her bedroom.

So here I am, ranting again. Free from the tiny hands of the lil one. Nobody pulls me, pinches me and takes my PC away from me. It feels good to be in a quite room. This is the best time to update my blog and take care of my online tasks. I have done dropping EC by the way, submitted one paid post and still composing for the next.

Letting this entry off now. Have a good night everyone!


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