Best gift a child could ever have

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of CryoCell International. All opinions are 100% mine.

Saturday afternoon, I came home from home decor shopping. The hubby opened the door for me and helped me with the stuff I bought. I knew I noticed something in his eyes but didn't want to ask him about it. Was he crying while I was gone shopping? I just left myself with a conclusion that the lil one poked him in the eyes that's why it was reddish and kinda sore.

Later that evening, hubby opened up to me. Yes he cried. He was watching football and then during the half-time report, a cancer patient's life was featured. The hubby's heart was crashed upon seeing the child's difficulties in battling the most horrifying disease, cancer. He's thankful that the lil one is so healthy in her two years of life and hoping  that her it'll continue that way.

Hubby's story reminded me of my plan of having the lil one's umbilical cord banked then. Sadly, it didn't happen. Lack of resources urged me not to. I calculated the finances of having a baby in mind and with hubby the only one earning money for the family, cord blood banking will drown us into so much debt and we might not be able to get on our feet. Now, I kinda regretting that I didn't push my plan. The lil one is a gift and deserves protection. Cord blood banking, I believe is one of the best gift that we could have gave her because it is a lifetime guarantee. Oh I just hope nothing will happen to her or I will live with it for the rest of my life.

Thus, I am encouraging moms-to-be to give the best gift you could ever give   your child. Have her or his cord blood banked by Cryo-Cell, America's trusted and most established cord blood bank.  Cry-Cell has an ongoing promo, visit the website to learn more and on how to receive the limited time special offer that you can save up to $495 in your pocket. Check out the website,, for more information about cord-blood banking.

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