LSU night @ the grannys

Two grandchildren, Dannielle and Easton, disturbing their granny. Poor old woman couldn't resist her favorite grandchildren and had to give 'em attention  ignoring LSU on the huge television screen.

It was Saturday night, LSU football night, and the whole family including kids watched the game at the in-laws. Indeed, a great night spending time with everybody but some were not happy and I am talking about the men in the family. Watching football game with lil kids is definitely not a good idea. The men, who are die-hard LSU fans kept on complaining about the kids interrupting terribly.

Since I am not into football, I helped in watching the kids by taking them away from the living room. I did drag ;-) them to the in-laws bedroom, turned the tv on and put the two of them in the bed. Good thing that the bed is kinda high, scared them to get down.

Come Saturday, we'll be riding again to the inlaws to watch LSU tigers play football. I am crossing my fingers on the toddlers behavior on that day.


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