Her 4th trip to Brec's Baton Rouge Zoo

A rotating globe fountain awaits guests few meters away from the main entrance.

The lil one was talking to one of the many tigers in the zoo. 

One of the biggest fish aquariums in the zoo. 

@ the zoo's playground. 

The best amongst the activities in the zoo, the train ride. 
Had trouble with the lil one when the train stopped. 
She didn't want to go home yet and just wanna have a ride again.

Taking picture before the train ride.

Fell asleep on the way home. Exhausted she is!


FishHawk said…
"A Mom's Note" has been included in this weeks A Sunday Drive. I hope this helps to attract even more new visitors here.

Auntie E said…
Oh she looks like she had so much fun...
_el@i_ said…
how cute she sleeps! it looks like she did enjoy her visit to the zoo. gkapoy gud pagkahuman. heheheh
Zezebel said…
such a cute baby, :)
lyzacruz88 said…
Hi...nice pics & pretty little girl :) God bless!
jellybelly said…
Kids do love the zoo. What a cutie!
Great photos...what a cutie!Reminds me of my son many mnany years ago when he visited the zoo. I have added myself as one of your followers.
Nice to meet you,
Carol from www.facing50withhumour.blogspot.com
reanaclaire said…
Hello.. your girl looks very cute and adorable..

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Steve Finnell said…
u r invited to follow my blog
Hazelicious929 said…
Hi Mama Lira! You have a lovely daughter.
Dane Canales said…
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Deborah said…
She's adorable! How old is she? I was browsing to your blog and seems like you have interesting stuff going on here! I just bookmarked your site. Thanks. Kudos! :)

Dana @ respiratory clinical
faiza khan said…
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