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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Baby development : 2 months old

Dannielle is 2 months and a week old. At that certain age, she is pretty much normal. I meant, her development is in accordance to what a baby should act on her age.

She can...

  • Smile in response to my smile
  • Follow objects with eyes
  • Make noises other than crying
  • Repeat Ooohs and aahhs
  • Hold up head at 45 degree angle while on stomach
  • Make smoother movements
  • Smile and laugh in response to me
  • Hold head steady when upright
  • Raise chest and head (do a mini push up), while on stomach
  • Bring both hands together
  • Bear weight on legs
She is so cute but...sometimes.


Debbie said...

uy, ang cute ni baby dannielle ah :)

Ritchiela said...

WOw daku na iya baby!Mura ra ug wala ka maburos sa?


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