Her smile is priceless

It's very fulfilling to see Dannielle smiling at me. There are also times when she laughs. Every morning when she wakes up, she'd always throw her pretty smiles to me. She loves it when I am talking to her. She loves to be kissed on her cheeks, chin and neck. My kisses make her laugh as if she's tickled. Such a receptive baby.

I won't trade the joy I have with her for anything else.


REYAH said…
she is surely a honey.
Raquel said…
Oh, I like the morning smile and I love to play with my baby first thing in the morning...Dannielle is a darling and cute.
Anonymous said…
Hi mare! Hhhhhmmmm, my little boy's girlfriend is soooooooo adorable!!! She's a sweetheart!!!!!

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