Masaging techniques for babies

Massage is said to be a therapy for babies. The warmth of our touch helps them to relax. It provides a sense of contentment and well-being.

I massage my Dannielle before she takes her bathe and each time she's awake. I can sense that she really loves it. She responds to me with ohhs and ahhs, smiling and laughing while I talk to her. I enjoy every moment we have though sometimes she has a lot of issues with crankiness.

Massage creates a wonderful bonding between parents and babies. It doesn't take long. Few minutes counts to spend with them in a day.

I wanna share these massage techniques I learned from reading a book given by my in-law.

1. Use a baby lotion with moisturizing formula to make a soothing massage.
2. Trace some letters on baby's tummy with caressing back and forth motion.
3. Massage the top of head and WOrk it down to neck, shoulders and upper back with your fingers.
4. Massage each leg and arm with soft, rhythmic strokes. Do it tenderly.
5. Move fingers from baby's shoulders down to the arms and all the way to delicate hands. Do it gently.


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