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Thursday, September 18, 2008

It calms her down

I dunno what's with Dannielle but every afternoon she'd cry. It's so hard for her to calm down. Even if she's full and her diaper is clean, still she won't calm down. Holding and rocking her won't work. Even her swing which she loves as well is a big no for her.

Guess what she wants? she wants to be on her stroller. She knows when she should be on the road. It drives me crazy when we can't go out sometimes because of the weather. I look like stupid when I push her stroller going to the living area, rooms, kitchen and vice versa while she's feeling good on it.


Lulu said...

Maybe baby Danielle is colicky. One way to calm her is her stroller ride because of the motion. If dili madala sa stroller na hala isayaw na aron ma dancer ka mura naho ... enjoy motherhood!


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