My brother is sick

Recently, my youngest brother underwent a medical check-up as a job requirement. The results shuttered his poor heart when he find out he has an enlarged heart. I wanna blame him for being so stubborn and turning his head out from the advices we are giving him. He smokes and drinks alcohol a lot. As an older sister, I want him to be somebody in his generation but it turned out into nothing. Everything is wasted and over. He can no longer a get the job.

He is about to join the Philippine Airforce. He has to just to give his soon-to-be-baby a better future. At an early age of 22, he will be a father.

My heart is crying upon knowing the news today. Despite of his imperfections, he is still my brother. My baby boy.

Now I am trying to contact him but he is not answering. I know he needs comfort. He said he's afraid of dying.

I'd better end this entry coz I can not think of any words to add.


poray said…
this is sad. my mother's sister also has this problem and was advised by the doctor not to go on board a ship but he still did. he is set to come home this october when his work contract ends. pwed mn na xa magtake lng guro ug medicine dai. maayo gani na nabantayan na sayo pa. i hope he will feel better.
poray said…
typo diay to dai na sister mn nga brother mn sa ako mama ang may sakit..

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