Never leave your baby in a car!

Every year, 36 children die because they are left in cars that overheat. Sad to know but this is the reality. Children are not safe if left in a parked car even if it will takes just minutes.

Forgetting our babies in a car is an irresponsible act. Just think of it, how could you forget your baby that you have been taking care of but not your cell phone? Can you see the point?

Anyway, here are some points in order for you to remember you have children with you in a car :
1. Place your bag at the backseat.I'm sure you are not going to forget you bag and this will help you to remember you have a life with you. Most likely, when you grab your bag, you are also going to unbuckle your child.

2. Bring something like a huge toy of your baby and place it beside you. It will serve as a reminder that you have a child with you.


Raquel said…
Hi Lira, I have read this news about a week ago. I can't imagine how the babies/children struggle inside the car. Luoy jud kau.

Thank you for sharing this tip.
signe said…
It's shocking that people can forget their child! I can't imagine how.

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