Newest addition to the Pacquiao's

Together with his family, boxing champ Manny Pacquiao welcome the newest addition to the family. His wife, Jinkee gave birth to a bouncing baby girl they named Queen Elizabeth.

I am just thinking why they named their baby as such. Are they trying to get the attention of the royal family? hmn.. might be.

Nevertheless, the Pacquiao's are very blessed this year.

Congratulations, kabayan! Hope to see you in Gensan on my visit.


Hazelicious929 said…
wow! what a name! and what would be the little girl's nickname? I think QUEENIE hehehe
shydub said…
paquiao is a milyonaire now. they're like royal family or coke, or tanduay lol just kidding. the name sounds like one of magillans boat in his expidition,i dunno. welcome to the world queen. congrats to jinkee and manny paquiao.

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