So I am back

As promised, I am going to proceed blogging after submitting a post.

So it's already 9 pm here. I still have a lot of things to do. One is to prepare "lumpia" for tomorrow. My select friends and I are planning to hang out for lunch at Ate Josie's house.

I hate to go because it's my husband's day-off and we want to spend our time with our lil girl. It's fine with him though. Anyway, we still can spend time with each other for the rest of the hours.

With regards to EC dropping, I have dropped already. What I find most interesting is that reading other views and perception from bloggers alike. I make it as my everyday activity now. This is the only way I can gain a higher rank to get more job assignments.

So people, thanks for the visit and your time.



skijerze said…
Hi, Just to let you know (just in case you don't know), that your child's seat belt harness is not installed properly. The harness is too high, and you child will get ejected if you get into accident.

I just want her to be safe. Please don't take it the wrong way.
janethvicy said…
Visiting here sis..Please update my url if you haven't yet..Thank you
hellom mommy lira, cute kaau imo liwat oy! hehehee!! anyway, pls ko pakichange sa akong blog name JUST LIFE to LIFE EXPRESSIONS! THANKS KAAU!
Hi mamalira,

Please update my blog A Mother's Journal to A Momma's Journal name and my url from to

Thank you!
Jona said…
can't get enough of your hubby and baby huh! jowk! same here.
have a great day!

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