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Sunday, January 04, 2009

New year, new self

The hubby and I are on the process of fulfilling our New Year's resolution...that is to lose weight.

We gained a lot of weight especially on his part. Last year was very unhealthy. We did not mind what we put in our mouths. It started when I got pregnant. It was my fault, I must admit. I dragged him to eat this and that while I do my business, too.

Why we have to this? First and foremost, we want a healthy and longer life for Dannielle. We want to be a good example for her. Also, most of our clothes snug and purchasing more is beyond our budget.

Now we realize that cutting junk foods out from our list saves us money.

Today, I told hubby I wanted coke but he did not get me one from the store. He said, "it's unhealthy".

So do you have your new year's resolution?



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