On photo are my two sisters, brother with wife (in blue towel) and yours truly(yellow towel).

If I am not mistaken, that day was the last time I was in the beach and it was during our family reunion (2006) in Kawas, Sarangani Province, Philippines -- one of the cheapest in terms of entrance fee and yet a gorgeous place. Eco-friendly people appreciate it because of the preserved mangrove and coconut trees. What I am really after for is the huge wave which happens mostly in the afternoon.

Wanna know the childish in me? Alright! here we go. From the moment I stepped my feet on the sand down to the water, I felt like I wanted to stay there for a very long time. If you haven't asked, I am a beach addict. In result, my already dark skin became sooooo dark and burnt. Oh, how Im missing to be back there.

Can't wait to be back home next year.


Anonymous said…
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Hazelicious929 said…
My mom's sister is from Calumpang General Santos. Actually they had a family reunion in GenSan. I miss going to GenSan every after 2 years during Christmas season
Anonymous said…
My goodness ... I couldn't agree with you more on loving the beach! Currently we have over three feet of snow, as well as an outdoor temperature of -35 degrees. COLD, COLD, COLD!!!
Hello! Its good to see you here. Is that beach located in Bicol? Its nice. Anyways, We do have all the nicest beach in the world. hahaha.
Anyways, i have added you to my link list... will you do same thing with mine? thanks. see around.
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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