My husband has been telling me since that ups and downs are part of raising a child. Now that my Dannielle is teething, my heart breaks everytime she feels uncomfortable. Tonight is the worst I've ever have and so is my daughter. This is the first time that she just wanna be held and cries if I put her down. I checked her temperature and she's fine. So I checked her lower gum and it's swelling. I did my best to ease her pain but seems it's not enough.

It's almost 9 in the evening and she is still awake. Now she is with her dada playing. I am glad her attention is focused on the other thing.

Hope she'll be alright.


Twerlyn said…
hala oi mag hubag jud d-i na Lir?Luoy sad bb D oi..d madala sa teether..hay naghuot sad akong dughan.

Lir nabalik ko sa ASC,naa kay off topic didto ba na karon ko pa nabasa year 2006 pa to ba..gabii pa ko katubag.
Shebadoo said…
Halu. My 9mo Liam also passed through that stage. Naka labas na dalwang ipin sa baba. Ang itaas naman ngayon ang masakit. Wawa sila, no!

Anyway, you have an award in my blog! Come check it out!

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