Three years ago...

a day after we first laid our eyes on each other fiance (now the hubby) and I met in person for the first time after months of talking over the net and phone. It's still fresh in my mind the anxiety I felt while waiting for him at the arrival area of NAIA. I couldn't explain my initial reaction when I saw him for the first time. He hugged me so gently and kissed my forehead. I was quivering the time when were in the taxi going to the hotel. My mind was filled with negative Q's. What if he's gonna kill me? What if he's untrue? What if, what if?

Three years after, here I am, still with the man I chose to be the love of my life. Both of us are fulfilling our promises to each other and gradually making our plans come true. Both of us are happy and contented with everything we have. Thankful for being so blessed.

Our family is completed upon the arrival of the 'lil girl. She is the best gift we have. DeeDee as we call her is growing so fast and is now 14 months.


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