Custom made hair bows for the 'lil girl

It's LSU football season and everybody is crazy with purple and gold colors. The 'lil girl has her cheerleader dresses already but she didn't have hair bows to complete the outfit then. Because of that I asked hubby to bring me to Walmart for ribbon shopping that I can create her hair bows. The supposedly purple and gold colored ribbons only ended up into three or four additional colors with added designs.

I was persuaded to customized the 'lil girl's hair bows than buying a finished one for uniqueness and to show her personality. The idea actually is a big savings in my part. Just imagine how much a bow costs in stores or boutiques, probably it ranges between $2 - $5 or more than that.

On top of that, the experience inspired me to create more not just for the 'lil girl but for other girls as well.


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