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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bored, pissed and stuck

Now I know the importance of car in the US. It's been over two weeks since we haven't used the hubby's truck. We can't go for a ride because the plate number was turned in to DMV on the last day of the validity of the insurance to avoid excessive fines. Hence, we can not purchase a new insurance yet. THe only thing we need is the truck's title from CitiFinancial and everything will be settled.

A cashier's check was sent almost a month ago and til now, there is no progress at all. We've tried calling customer support and said she has no idea when. How long do we have to wait for it?

I am hoping we'll get it anyday now. It sucks to be stuck in the house. I wanna go to the mall lol for window shopping.



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