Back @ 3

The 'lil girl is sleeping, the hubby is playing X-box and here I am updating my blog. It's good to be back, though.

Whew! Thanks God, everybody is well now after a few days of dealing with flu virus. Now I am back to perform my online tasks. I am done with my EC rounds. THanks by the way for those who continued dropping when I was off.

It's been raining here and the yard is starting to flood. Good thing we live in a subdivision with a very functional drainage system, if not, we will end up stepping on a watery and slippery driveway.

We can not go out either. We have turned the truck's licensed plate last Thursday to avoid fines. THe vehicle insurance expired in Sept 3. It wouldn't happen if the vehicle's title is in. We are still waiting for it to be sent by the bank. It's been three weeks since a cashier's check was sent to pay off all the remaining balance. I hope the title will be here anytime next week, that way we can start processing the liability insurance and take the license plate back from DMV.

There is really nothing much going on this weekend. Nothing much to talk about our whereabouts. So I guess I have to turn my computer to sleep that I can take a nap, too, while the 'lil one is still in bed.


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