Dirty dancing icon passes away

The world knows that Patrick Wayne Swayze, a multi-talented actor passed away at the age of 57 on September 14, 2009 after a long battle of Stage IV pancreatic cancer . He was survived by his wife of over three decades, Lisa. He became a household name when he did the movie Dirty Dancing. From then on, his showbiz career blossomed and had starred in numbers of blockbuster movies.

I am a fan of this actor and his death saddens me. He may not be around anymore but his legacy lives on and forever. Now I am going to buy some DVD's that I don't have to complete my Patrick Swayze movie collection.

Goodbye, Patrick. May you have a peaceful journey towards eternal life.


imelda said…
i watched his movie ghost. he was a good actor.
Sandy said…
I too am sadden by his death. Loved his movies, and like plan to buy some DVD's. He starred in a wide variety of movies, from tough guy, to dancer, to playing a woman. Not many can do so many things well.

He will be missed.


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