Hubby's new hobby

This is one of hubby's output last night. He's been playing with photos, customizing 'em into different scenarios and themes. The backgrounds are available, he just pasted a photo or two then customized it to his desired location and all to fit into the space. I forgot the website, though.

Being a computer buff and watching sports on TV are hubby's tiny flaws, minor flaws that ain't causing a fire between us. When he's not working or doing yard work, his butt is stuck on his computer chair, browsing websites that sell knives. So now that he's into this fun photo customization, it doesn't affect me. It is better this way than spend his time in night bars and drink and smoke.

Back to the picture, that's exactly the role of the 'lil one. Ain't no telling but she is the boss. One day, she'll be kicking me off this house lol. Of course, I am not allowing her to be that disobedient and disrespectful when she gets older. Discipline and prayers are the keys for her to grow up good, if not perfect.


poray said…
ingon ana ako anakis mami. lalis sila sa iya amahan ky pareho sila alas hahaha
lira said…
""rare*jonRez"" said…
LOL. cutie kaayo nga boss sa balay ba! mao man jud na ilnag role ba saon man jud! among triz diri perti kaayo. ganiha giingnan ang amahan nga "ikaw dad ba, mag-disobey lagi ka sa akoa", after sya namalihug sa amahan ipa-untie tong ribbon nga na-higot. perti uroy namo pangatawa!
imelda said…
i know ul make it, kita pa nga pinay tah kabalo jud ta magdisiplina ba.hope all is fine with u mama lir.
Twerlyn said…
ka cute nya oi!pwede na jud sundan Lir.=)
Grampy said…
She is a Princess. As long as she grows up with a good heart. That is all that is important.
Dhemz said…
hahhaha...nice kaau pagkahimo....:) kani pod among boss nga gamay kay demanding pod kaau ni...ehehhe!
admin said…
sooo cute baby :) she deserves to rule the house (with mommy as the queen) :)

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ang cute naman ng little girl mo!
lira said…
Thanks a lot for the compliments. Appreciated.
EastCoastLife said…
If I have a daughter, she would rule the house too. My hubby yearns to have a daughter. :P
-Jackie- said…
weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ang bata na taga gensan o!!liwat jud sa taga gensan ba! lol nabuhay akong beauty dri der hahaha
Michelle said…
She is a doll - lucky you :)

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