Watch out for Lainy's blogoversary!!!

Yeeeehuh! Lainy's Musings is celebrating it's blogoversary on the 26th of this month, April.

A fellow Generals and a friend Lainy, author of Lainy's Musings, will be giving away rewards and a whole lot more on that same date. I am inviting everyone to come visit her site for details. Please click either the link or widget above to be redirected quickly. See yah there.

Lainy has no idea that I am posting about her forthcoming blog celebration. My apology, dear, for I have not asked your consent, though, I did leave a msg on your FB wall that I posted your banner on my blogs. Spare me from your claws lol. I am just enthusiastic about what's going to transpire.



*josie* said…
hi mama Lira, thank you for the visit, hope you come back soon :)
lira said…
You are most welcome, Josie. I surely will.

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