Jacques D’Azur : the comeback

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The impeccably dressed Jacques D’Azur in his perfectly tailored suit.

The legend of Cannes Festival, Jacques D’Azur, is reported missing last February of this year, 2010. 'Til this very day, there are controversies that people won't just give a period despite of the given fact that he recently vanished at sea while manning his yacht off the coast of Tahiti. His followers are still thinking that he did not  vanished, D’Azur is just slowing down from the limelight and that  he's attending the Cannes Festival this year and on the coming years.

Well, this is the answer to that.  Jacques D’Azur is coming back in the person of his lucky heir.

While the King of Cannes is missing, the search for his heir continues and whoever takes the throne shall inherit the glamor and luxury that he lived in during his reign. The luckiest man will experience a weekend at the Cannes Festival and will enjoy the privileges that a King should have. A tailored suit, helicopter pick-up, first class flights are amongst the many luxuries that the a new Jacques D’Azur will enjoy.

Now, who will be the next King of the Canes? Let's all find out soon...

Meanwhile, please do watch the video below for a short summary on how the legend lived his life in the eyes of someone whom he spent time with.

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Michelle said…
What an interesting story!

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