Birdie rearing

A couple of weeks ago, hubby, little one and I were at my in-laws to pay 'em a visit. The weather was so perfect that time, 'lil windy and sunny, so we stayed in the porch to have a chit chat.

While talking about just anything, I spotted a mother bird feeding her 'lil birdies with pieces of bread that mother-in-law had scattered in the yard. So, I hurriedly grabbed my camera and took pictures of the mother bird's motherly gestures. Mother bird even took the lil birdies poopie out of the bird's house after feeding.

Mama Birdie is making sure everything is safe before feeding her lil ones. Any human movements makes her fly away and comes back when she feels it is fine.

Mama Birdie watching her 'lil ones 'til feeding time is over.

I admire the way birds take care of their babies. So sweet to look at that I thought birds are better mothers than humans. They take care of their babies 'til the day they can live on their own, not abandon 'em. There are human mothers out there who would rather commit a sin through abortion or give their kids away just to escape from lifetime responsibilities. So sad to think that birds can do better than 'em. Shame!


""rare*jonRez"" said…
so true! if you watch the animal planet which we do very often, you will see many many kinds of animals whose mothers feed their babies. a gesture than we cannot find to our fellow humans who kill their own children!
Twerlyn said…
nice shots Lir! ay na belong jud ta sama sa mother bird lir =)
lira said…
Yep, mga mothers. Animals are better mothers that humans and to think that we, humans, are the highest form of animals and that we should do better.

Our kids are so lucky. I am sad, though, for every abandoned kid I see on TV or in the streets.
VanillaSeven said…
The bird house is so cute!! Lovely!
""rare*jonRez"" said…
But no, we aren't animals! Hahaha. I will have to argue that humans are the highest forms of animals kay kana nga statement, belief na sa mga dili motuo nga God created human beings. Humans are humans, and not animals. Although there are humans nga animals ug batasan! LOL
lira said…
Thanks for the compliment, VanillaSeven.

Cel, according to Science, humans are the highest forms of animals which contradicts the Bible. I also believe that we are created by God but maybe those human animals are not.

Hay, nalingaw jud ko sa mga comments sa blog ni Lerlyn.
""rare*jonRez"" said…
Lir, basta creation gani ang hisgutan, mo-contradict jud permi sa science kay evolution man ang science. But everything is there na baya jud unta for people to believe in creation. Gituyo lang man jud nila i-question ang God ba.

Anyways, as in grabe ka bibo ang comments sa blog ni Twerlyn. Unbelievable kaayo to si Suveena ba to no? Mura sya si kinsa! Hahaha. Nauwaw jud ko sa iyang ka-korek!
Haddock said…
Watching them is soothing experience.
I watch the small birds when they come to drink the water from the leaves after I water the plants.
They are so smart, they will drink only from the leaf tops as they know that it will be pure.
Dhemz said…
korek ka jud sis! ang uban tawon inahan ipa abort ang anak...way!

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