Play the Charade

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Guess what I have been doing for the last ten minutes? I have been trying to guess the name of the song given at It's just a practice but tell you that I could be sweating right now if the air conditioner is not on. I need to give my best shot here before I can proceed to the actual guessing game, the CHARADE. Whew! It's harder than I thought, huh.

Charade - 500 styles is a guessing game where in clues are given through hand gestures. It surely makes a mind to think deeper and broader. There is no given time to answer the test but then of course, the faster a player guesses clues, the more fun and more chances of winning a free music for a year with a premium We7 subscription! There is no cost at all in joining the Charade - 500 styles. Just be ready for the hands, though.

So, if you like mind games, I think you would love Charade. Log on to the website today, practice first to enhance your skills then play the actual Charade afterwards.

And oh, I finally was able to answer the first Charade but too bad coz it's just a practice. I had toI ask  hubby's help and he guessed it perfectly. Now I am trying to play the actual Charade. Hubby won't help me no more as he's playing Ninja Assassin on X-box. What a mess. I think I just have to try it myself. I'll let you know though of the result. Wish me luck.

Visit my sponsor: Charades - Talking 500


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