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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The baby is now a mother and it's her natal day

Twenty-seven years ago, a tiny girl was born in the midst of the tuna capital of the Philippines, General Santos City.

This girl grew up to be a good person (according to her parents). Her family is so proud of her achievements. The first child in the family who graduated from a private university (free of fees) with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Library and Information Services and earned two years in the college of Education taking Bachelor of Science in Education major in Guidance Counseling.

After graduation, she landed herself working in the high school department of the university. In the latter, she got so tired and hated the job as a teacher with library works. Quit the job. A month after, a call from a mentor asked her if she could work in a corporate world (mining industry to be specific) to organize and manage the records. The woman accepted the offer. She enjoyed the job and have thought of staying for a long period of time.


She met this man on the internet. To sum up, she crossed boundaries, got married and now residing in the United States with her own family -- hubby and a baby.

That baby is now a mother. And that mother is me. Yes, today is my birthday.


Grampy said...

Congratulations. Happy Birthday.

Lira said...

thanks for the greetings.

Lulu said...

happy birthday... kisses to nicole...

poray said...

happy birthday mama lira...oi dungan mo bday sa ako mamsy :)

ilovehateamerica said...

Happy birthday and may you have many returns of the day. I wish you all the best. God bless u!

Lira said...

thanks a lot for the greetings mga sis.


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