Teething and more sleepless nights

These past few days, the 'lil one is so uncomfy at night. She gets to the point that she keeps on waking up every hour. Most of the time she cries when she is not in my arms. She makes this face that freaks me out even though it's pretty normal. Seems like she's trying to suppress the pain and itch.

I could not blame her or myself for this situation. Teething is part of her growth and development. Sometimes I asked myself and the hubby why teething should be this arduous, painful and uncomfortable. Dumb question, eh? The hubby would just answer me with "ask God, babe". Oh well, that I couldn't do. He has reasons for everything and those are unquestionable, I suppose.


Lulu said…
did you try giving her teething tablets? it really works for Andrea
Lira said…
yes, I did. I also tried orajel but she threw up. seems she is not into medicines.
If there's any consolation, this phase your daughter is going through will soon pass.

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