I discourage you to purchase Clean and Pure water filter

Buying gallons of distilled water every grocery shopping is too much. It does occupy a lot of space in the shopping cart. Adding to that is the weight. It consumes time as well to load and unload. I have been doing it for over a year for my daughter's safety.

Since I saw the first product presentation of Clean and Pure water filter, I made plans on getting one.

Last week, HSN offered a $10 off for this product. So I asked the hubby to buy one instead of giving me something useless on my birthday. The product arrived today. I was so excited to hook it against the faucet only to find out that the adapter is not working and incompatible with my faucet. There is no way how to attach it. I hate to go to the store to look for the adapter. Now I am thinking of sending it back.

The product presentation was awesome. Who wouldn't want to buy if this kind of filter would last up to 20 years? It filters 20,000 gallons of water. Very persuading. The only downfall is the adapter.

Sorry HSN but your Clean and pure water filter is not a good idea to promote and not worthy of spending.

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Twerlyn said…
maau nalang pwede iuli ug i-refund nila Lir nu..mao na ganahan nako dre sa US kay pwede palit then iuli lang if d ganahan or if naa deprencia..sos kung pinas pa na d jud pwede.
Lira said…
refund sad nuon nila Ler apil ang shipping. Nindot unta nga product kaso lng di ma-konek.

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