Weekend nothings

It's Saturday and I am glued in my house with just the "lil girl" around. The hubby is working night shift this weekend. The weather is not so fine and seems raindrops are going to fall again later. I have not checked the temperature but I guess it ain't too hot outside. The girl in the neighborhood could tell as she is riding on her bicycle back and forth down the road.

Since the baby is sleeping, I have this chance to update my space. My eyes are divided into my monitor and the television though. HGTV's designed to sell is currently on and I love this show.

Oh here's one that annoyed me today. THe hubby handed me my mails from QVC. The letters state that I have not paid my due for this month -- the last payment of four. What??? My bank record could attest that I did. THe amount is debited directly from my bank account. So I e-mailed customer service with this matter. It's been three hours and didn't get any responses yet. Maybe tomorrow. I just hope that the credit card operations person would proofread her records first prior to sending this harassment-like letters. I used to admire QVC for a very satisfactory service but this have pushed me back. No more placing orders in the future. Oh well, at least I have my reason now on not to shop, instead save for next year's Philippine vacation.

Did you know that I have been composing this entry for alsmost an hour now? I have too many distractions hehe...I ate, drunk water and watched TV. Guess I gotta go now.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Imelda said…
hello there how are you?nice blog

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