Highlights of Dannielle's 2nd birthday party

The lil one turned two years old a day after the 4th of July. She was so excited and kept on saying it's her birthday. The preparation, itself, was a lot of work yet so fulfilling for the party was a success despite of the uninvited downpour that practically messed the patio making my house so crowded. Guests came rushing in avoiding the mists.

This time around, I am extending my heartfelt thanks to those who remembered and greeted the lil one. Most of all, the Lord Almighty for all the blessings and for giving me a wonderful kid. All these won't be possible without his loving guidance.

I can not ask for more, the birthday celebrant enjoyed her very special day with friends around, the abundance of foods on the table and of course, the presents that made kids so excited during the opening time.

Here are the photos...

The invite.

Birthday cake with princess toppers. The celebrant requested for a princess and we gave her three of'em. 

Pigging out over delicious foods. 

The beauties :). We were the only Filipinas in the party. Kids were pickin' on our tongue. 

Singing the happy bday song before blowing the candles.

Eating a slice of her birthday cake. What's making her laugh?

Gathering around after opening of gifts.

Enjoying the presents. She's loves most of'em especially the toys, care not much on the clothes. 

Family portrait, a birthday souvenir. 


""rare*jonRez"" said…
It was indeed a happy birthday! Lami jud magsilingan ug mga Pinoy unta ba kay mag-imbitaray dayon. Kami diri daghan Pinoy daw pero wa pa jud nahagilap naku. Among mga american friends pud, on travel sa july 4th! Lingaw ra man jud bisan kami-kami lang. :) Bawion lang sa pinas! Hahaha.
mamalira said…
thank you, thank you, thank you jud, Cel.

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