Free bedroom makeover, please!

I have decorated my house but not the master's bedroom. That room really needs a makeover from top to bottom. Needs to be repainted from ceilings to trims down to the walls. The ceiling fan needs to be replaced since it is so dated. Carpet needs no cleaning but reaping. I don't want a carpet anymore. It attracts to much dust, dirt, bugs especially when its over ten years old. What I want is for it to be replaced with bamboo or cork floorings, natural elements that look great and save the mother earth.

Here are some of the works that need to done. New bedroom furniture set should be placed in. I took off the old headboard without replacing one. The TV sits on the old computer table that hubby had before. Night stands are really hateful. I dislike the style, color and size. The problem is that hubby don't want to spend for that room. For him, it needs no changes and buying new furniture is just a luxury and not a need. He has a point, though, and that is very much respected. For that reason as well, I barely stay in that room, never sleep there either. I sleep in the lil one's room. Speaking of the lil one, her room needs a new bed, too. She is using a very old one that doesn't fit for a princess. Her room is much better compared to the master's bedroom as I painted it and changed the carpet into laminated flooring.

Desperately, all the bedrooms in my house need bedroom sets, three bedroom sets to be precise and I am extending to TV designers who do free make-over to come visit my house, do the flip!


""rare*jonRez"" said…
hahaha! katawa ko ani nga post ba! puno ug reklamo about bedroom, ako huna-huna, pastilan si lira, wa na juy kalipay sa iyang bedroom! hahaha. diay nagparinig ra man diay! nyahaha! :D
MinnieRunner said…
Bamboo flooring? Is it good?
mamalira said…
hahaha pra naa ra gud i-post..sayang ang sentimos ba

Minnie - yes, it is. Very durable, better than wood floors, I think.
Cheryl M. said…
I have the same problem, only it is with our dining room - orange shag rug from the 70s!!!

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