Kris' broken trail

What road shall Kris Aquino, sister of President Ninoy Aquino of the Philippines and daughter of the late Aquino leaders, take after the storms in her life? Well, I know most Filipinos in the country are now informed about the host/endorser's current status.

Recently, I read various news about Kris Aquino regarding her marital issues with cager husband, James Yap. The couple shared a five-year-marriage blessed with a son, James Jr. The grounds for separation  are not laid in the public yet but the annulment shall be petitioned when Aquino comes home from a vacation in America.

Such a very sad story to hear. Kris has been so vocal with her life and the public almost know everything about her life -- tweeting and facebooking. I think its her way of connecting to the people.  Now that she wants her marriage to James Yap dissolved, people can not help but to form speculations. It's kinda like pro and against Kris. It is a bit worse as she is caught in between politics and showbiz. As the sister of the President, her moves are being watched and that it could cause rusts on his brother's leadership, reason why she quit the television show that she started and fell in love with.

I ain't a Kris fan, myself, yet I have nothing against her. What goes around, goes around. Whatever the news tell, true or not about her, shall not take my respect off the person. Hopefully, she'll be able to pass through this test and shall move on quickly.


""rare*jonRez"" said…
updated jud o! murag ako! hahaha.

ako lir kay fan ko ni kris on her being smart, witty, and tactless; but not on her lovelife. LOL. i hope she'll be wise enough to discern from what is good and not for her marriage oi. bati na kaayo nga ma-dissolved iyang marriage karon unya naa na puy lain guy after. dapat si james mag-effort pud.

haaaay affected! hahaha.

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