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Hurricane Gustav was one of the harshest hurricanes that hit Louisiana. Severe damages were seen all around the affected areas especially in my town where Gustav's eye passed through. I can not put into words how scared I was then hearing the strong winds hitting the windows and seemed like breaking them into pieces. The hubby was working so I was alone with the lil one who's two months old that time. Hubby couldn't get off work. The Sheriff's office required all law enforcers to work. I had no choice but to gather myself in preparation to emergencies.

The aftermath was beyond chaos. There were so many fatalities and injuries. Trees fell off in between houses putting the many lives  into danger. Roads were blocked by broken limbs. Shingles   scattered everywhere. Power outage lasted for two weeks, hence, the fight over gas in gasoline stations increased in numbers. Stores were almost out of basic needs especially canned goods and water. So many have had  transpired. Hurricane Gustav was such a horrifying event that I can not take off my  mind especially these times of the year -- rainy season.

Unlike other  families in the locality, my family didn't face too much problem, I meant nobody  was hurt compared to other families who mourned and suffered for their lost. The only thing that caused us money was the repair of the broken chimney. Downpour took place almost everyday after   Gustav and there was never a chance to fix the chimney that quick. The water flooded the ceilings that caused severe damages to the point of needing to change the ceiling boards. The family had to suffer from cross-cutting for a month just to cover the deductibles of the insurance.

Arghh! That was over! The chimney is fine now. No more worries, too, on the damaged ceilings. Hopefully, strong hurricanes or storms won't come visit that soon.

The video below will give you an idea of how dreadful it is to see your house flooded with water.

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