Happy 4th, America!

Early this morning, I played one of my favorite songs on dvd, God bless the USA! It's the 4th of July, hence, patriotic songs deserve to be played today more than any genres.

Today, America is commemorating it's freedom, the freedom that America's forefathers fought 'til their last breath for the benefit of the   next children of the nation. America today is enjoying the respective Sunday and the long weekend by having b-b-que parties, cracking fireworks  at night (good luck for the rain is just around messing the good ol night) and other outdoor activities.

The 4th of July is also the birthday of Triz, daughter of my online pal Recel who authors Rare ordinary thoughts and two more outstanding blogs. I wanna extend my greetings to the lovely Triz who always makes her parents proud of her, a very happy birthday. Hope your wishes come true!

Yours truly has no plans on going somewhere. I have a long cleaning job in preparation to the lil one's birthday party tomorrow. So let me give you a time out that I could start what's laid on for me this day.


""rare*jonRez"" said…
The song "God Bless America" is always being listened to here at our abode. The Gaither Vocal Band's version of that song Lir is phenomenal. Makapanindig-balahibo.

Salamat kaayo sa greetings, Lir! Very nice gesture. Akoa baya gipang-compile ang mga birthday greetings for Triz with the names jud kasy bisan ug virtual, it means a lot to me. Kung modaku na si Triz, naa unya syay makita ug mabasa, mas ma-appreciate niya even more. :)) Ingon sila ang virtual greetings daw is not as meaningful as the real card. pero kay recession man karon, so I put a whole lot of meaning into it japon. It's a matter of how you appreciate one's gesture, di ba? Drama oi! Hahaha.

I know you've had a blast on Danielle's birthday too so kudos to that! :)
mamalira said…
U r most welcome, Cel.

Next time padala ko card for Triz or for the family, gai lagi ko address hehe.

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