My earnest thanks

Yesterday, I had a very happy birthday. A simply celebration took place at my in-laws who've been so dear to me ever since. MIL cooked spaghetti, rice, chicken stew and baked my favorite cake, the pineapple or upside down cake. I got an outdoor clock and of course, my charcoal grill as gifts. Hubby's niece gave me a Britney spears parfum while my dear partner gave me a dozen of red roses with a card. Indeed, my special day was a great one.

I thought that my parents didn't send any cards but they did. It came in yesterday, right on my birthday. Two weeks ago, I also received birthday cards from my brother and sister-in-law. Early greetings because I picked on them last year about sending the card too late. My other siblings also greeted me through SMS. So sweet of 'em. I love you all!

My special day was completed with all the birthday greetings and wishes from my friends in Facebook. My wall was flooded with sweet thoughts. I couldn't believe that I am that loved and important. Thus, this note that I made is for all of you.


""rare*jonRez"" said…
nadayon jud diay ang birthday lir! it sure sounded as a happy and great one! yay! tiguls na! nyahaha!
Totomel said…
just dropping by...happy birthday =)
*MrsMartinez* said…
Belated Happy Birthday girl!

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