Three years and counting

 July 7, 2007, the day when hubby and I exchanged promises to one another. Four days ago was our 3rd wedding anniversary.  It's been three long years of fulfilling our promises to one another, of putting up to one's flaws and nobody is giving up (wink) and we are still together and that is forever.

On that very special day, hubby surprised me with a card he placed on my laptop. I didn't know he had that set because we are broke, the party made us and the coming retirement party of a friend who designated him to bring party supplies. After reading his sweet message, nothing much just "Mahal kita, babe", I gave him a call. I thanked him for remembering our very special day and for his sweet thoughts. He apologized as he can't take me anywhere and he'll make it up on payday or on my birthday coming 22nd. I said that it's all fine and I understand. 

So we just ate the left over ice cream and cake from the 'lil one's birthday party three days ago. Kinda like a celebration, eh?... if we are in the Philippines.

July is really a huge month in the family. Not just it's the lil one's birthday but it is our wedding anniversary, my birthday and FIL's as well. We expect too much expenses and that we have to adjust and forget about the stuff that we don't need. 

For thet last time, I am thanking again the people who greeted the 'lil one on her 2nd birthday and to those who wished us happiness and togetherness on our wedding anniversary. My words can't express how I appreciate your wishes and prayers. May God bless you all!


""rare*jonRez"" said…
July celebrant pud diay ka Lir? Happy birthday in advance ha? Lutoan ta ka ug lami kung silingan pa ta. Grrrr....

3 years is such a long time na jud basta ang tanan mahinumdoman kay kalipay unya nag-unongay sa kasakit. 6 years na mi ni Jonathan pero i want more and more years pa japon with him. I'm sure you feel the same! Daghan pud ga-birthday sa amoa on July pero tua tanan sa pinas. :) Basta July celebrants kay mga... gwapa~! :-)
mamalira said…
july kaau..manigulang n sad ko aning 1 ka tuig...
Rare Recel said…
di jud na mapugngan ang pagka-old age oi, saon! hahaha.

akong wisconsin and beyond blog, gusto jud kaayo naku i-update. kaso lang ba, wa palang jud ang gana ni-atake. daghan na kaayo kog gusto isulat didto. i'm thinking of purchasing a domain for it then submit sa payU aron duha akong blogs sa payU pero basin di ra japon dawaton oi. duh.
MaZyDoLl said…
A beautiful wife and a loving mother... I do hope bago kami mag three years may mabuo na kami!

Again, Happy 3rd Anniversary

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