The most coveted license

Third Friday of August this year, I took my driver's license test. Part of that was the vision test among traffic signs, knowledge and road skills tests. Before I was given the nod to take the knowledge test, I had to submit necessary documents such as state ID and greencard. When the needed information was validated, the DMV officer asked me to place my forehead unto this machine designated for eye or vision test. Of course, I got my prescription glasses on. After following a few instructions from the officer, the said test was over. I PASSED!

I then headed to a room where the computers are for the knowledge test. It took me fifteen minutes to finish that tough test. I PASSED again. So the driving skills test comes after. It rained! Tsk! No driving skills test in the rain as per DMV policy. So ok, hubby and I went back home and decided to take the test on the next Friday.

Came Friday (the fourth Friday of the month), hubby and I with the lil one drove back to DMV so early in the morning. I went in and hubby stayed out with the lil one. Less than thirty minutes later, an officer called my number and the interview process begun. After looking at my documents, I was allowed to take the road skills test. Phew!  Felt butterflies in my tummy while on the road listening and following the officer's instructions. Fifteen minutes later, the said test is over. Went back to the office, told I passed the test and got to pay a fee for my driver's license. Hooray! got my driver's license two minutes later after signing a document and an ID picture shot.

Passing the road skills test means a lot to me. Thanks to the hubby for patiently coaching me every practice. Oh, my prescription sunglasses as well that I got from zenni-optical for $36 helped me a lot, too. The Lord God deserves my thanks and glory for granting me my most coveted driver's license, to top it all.


""rare*jonRez"" said…
congrats jud kaayo lir! unya salamat eyeglasses pud! :D
*MrsMartinez* said…
Congratulations! I knew you can do it!

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