Kid in the shoes

This is what happens when the hubby forgets to close the utility door or put his shoes up. The lil one  rapidly grabs it and put the shoes on.  Hmn...I wonder what's  wrong why she's having that facial expression. She's saying, 'HELP, mommy!" Oh no, just look how she wears the shoes. No wonder she can't walk straight. LOL.

Oh boy, being with the lil one every single second is just a joy. She has a natural wit and humor. Strangers? forget about it because she meets no strangers at all. She talks to just everybody. One time we were at the convenience store for some snack shopping and she talked  to an old man. The hubby signaled to take her out and so I did. In the car, I asked the hubby why he reacted that way. I was so shocked when he told me that the old man is a sex predator. As a cop, hubby knows who's who are blacklisted. I could not believe that I'd let my daughter talked to  that person who could have hurt someone her age.    Since that incident, I told myself to watch the lil one closely in public. No more talking to strangers besides saying a hi or hello.

Anyway, the lil is still awake til now (12:32PM). She had a long nap this afternoon. I am not sleepy yet, thus, abuse it to submit my online tasks.

Have a great weekend!


_el@i_ said…
ka cute! baliktad pa jd! hahaha.
Jerla Oh lalala said…
ng tumo2x ang dalagindin ug sul-ut sapatos nya bliktad hehehehhe ktawanan man ka gwapa ay
jellybelly said…
so cute and funny! baligtad!

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