Perfection is satisfaction

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House, oh how I love to talk about my own house especially the transformation I've done since living here for three years now. It fills my day when I hear people  complimenting me about how clean and well-arranged my house is. The husband's friends who've been in and out here are pretty amazed on the progress, too. They are the ones who could exactly tell because they've witnessed how the hubby lived when he wasn't dating anybody. The house was cluttered, with no updates done.

Since my coming, lots of projects were accomplished. Walls are painted with warm colors. Thanks to Home depot credit card, I was able to purchase four gallons of Glidden paints. I needed no paint testers, by the way. As soon as I saw the sample colors on this piece of paper, I instantly said my yes to the gray (with a touch of green) color. Being in a tight condition compelled me to do all the painting jobs  with a lil help from the hubby, lil help like turning the fans on or hand me the brush everytime I stepped up the ladder to paint the moldings. It was more time consuming when I removed the ten-year-old wall papers in the kitchen. Thanks, God, I finished the job with satisfaction.

Painting the walls, moldings and ceilings was indeed a huge job for a petite woman like me.  But I never complained, will never do, because I love the job. Friends and relatives can not believe that I did everything because it looks like a professional's touch. Well, loving the job makes the job perfectly done, I told them.

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