Vegetarian recipes for the non-cooks

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I love cooking and baking, unluckily, I don't have the skills of culinary perfection. I do know how to cook some of the basics that need no recipes. Everytime I want to eat something special, I got to rely on recipes that I could get the exact taste, well not really the perfect taste and appearance, but at least, better than my version.

Recipes are very helpful. It aid a person like me to cook like a pro, or at least close to a professional cook's masterpiece. The more thankful I am when I found a recipe book for healthy cooking that has a large variety of meals and snacks. Great enough for the lil one who loves to explore on various foods specifically vegetables. I got to tell you that this new recipe book, The Qourn, is purely vegetarian which means healthy living.

The videos below will give you  ideas on how to prepare some of the recipes included in the book, The Qourn. I haven't bought a copy yet, thus, I can not tell you exactly the wholeness of the book or the recipes but through these videos, you'll have the idea in mind of what you are getting. Well, what can I say but have fun watching. Tell me what you think after viewing, please, if you don't mind.

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