Potty training done easy

In three consecutive days of potty training the lil one, I must say that she learned so fast. If before I had trouble asking her sit on her potty chair, now she just does it with no command at all. She sits when she needs to.

The lil one on her potty chair. 
She asked me to take a picture of her (picture me, mommy!) the morning after waking up, so, I had to hurry and grab my camera before she changes her morning mood. Smiling when I told her to show her teeth. 

Lots of lots (the lil one's phrase) of suckers as initial motivator.

On the first day, she would only sit down  if there's a sucker in her hand. So, hubby bought her a huge bag of suckers just to motivate her, that she'll have more if she pees in the potty chair. It worked! Now, these suckers are of no use. I had to get rid of these  before it decays the lil one's teeth or the hubby's.

Pee sound.
One thing that excites the lil one to use her potty chair everytime the nature calls is that the sound of the pee. She gets ecstatic when she hears the urine as it hits the bottom creating a whish sound and praises herself afterwards. She no longer asks for a sucker. Great job!

I must say that potty training should not be  compelled to our children. Each kid develops differently. The more we push things, the more fears it will create. We, parents, will definitely know when a kid  is ready or not. It is just a matter of patience  and comprehension.


""rare*jonRez"" said…
Yey! good job Danyela! Aguy ka-cutie baya sa bata, lami ingkiton ang legs ug bukton, chunky kaayo!
*MrsMartinez* said…
Wow! She is such a cheerful kid! And potty trained to! Congrats!
_el@i_ said…
hahaha! ka cute! nakuha pa mosmile bsan ga pooh2! congrats on a very good job ;)
jellybelly said…
Congrats to both of you! Am working on potty training my daughter as well. She looks very happy with her accomplishment.
Jerla Oh lalala said…
wow congratz potty trained na cya momi... akong gamay plano nko sayuhun i potty train kay mahal diapers lol
Cheerful said…
wow, she's pretty...and look so relax! :) thanks for this post, this will help me later on with isabelle! :) but i definitely agree with your last paragraph...it varies! :)

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