Bank switching

I am still not over with the $64 overdraft charge. I already have contacted customer service and it can't be revoked.

So today, I have decided to switch to CapitalOne Bank. What's great about it is that I don't have to pay an eight dollar or so for monthly maintenance which my current bank has. Plus, I will gain rewards for every use which is real good and beneficial in the future. I am just waiting for the issue to be settled, save another $50 to open a new account and it's done.

That was a nightmare and I am hoping there will be no next.

Anyway, it has been raining here. The little girl wants to go out on the porch. SHe's been so fussy but I can't give her wish for now. I tried to open the window blinds in case it's gonna work. TOink! It didn't. Now, she is pulling my shirt while I'm doing my rounds hehe. Alright, I guess it's time out for me once again.


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