Sleeping problem remedies

I have tried some of the tips I've read online and true to what it say, it worked! Now I could sleep so quick at night with no twist and turn for hours.

In the said article on MSN, the author mentioned that high-carbs snacks boost levels of the brain's sleep chemical serotonin without overloading our digestive system.

So here are the tips that you may deem to try:
  • A cup of a cup of herbal tea (chamomile, lemon balm, or valerian) or warm milk at night.
  • Nibble on one of these 10 high-carb calmers an hour before bedtime.
  1. Half of a whole-wheat English muffin or raisin bagel drizzled with honey
  2. Two cups of air-popped popcorn
  3. A small slice of angel food cake topped with berries
  4. A frozen whole-wheat waffle, toasted, with maple syrup
  5. Half a cup of pretzels
  6. Fresh strawberries dunked in a little fat-free chocolate syrup
  7. Half a cup of pasta topped with marinara sauce
  8. A 4-ounce baked potato topped with salsa
  9. A handful of oyster crackers and a piece of fruit
  10. Canned mandarin oranges sprinkled with crystallized ginger
Hope these helps.


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