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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's day everyone!

How did you celebrate this very important celebration for the dads?

Ours was basically like a normal day. I just greeted my father in the Philippines as well as my daughter's dad, the hubby.

We went to Walmart around noon. Bought Dannielle's water, and our snacks and fruits. Aftersuch, the supposed to be special person for today had to wash the dishes, do the laundry and other minor household chores. Sounds too poor, eh? Well, the hubby promised that he would help me when he's not working. I am glad he didn't break it.

In fairness, he really don't do much in the house. He normally stays on his computer or sit on the couch to watch ESPN. If only there was a college baseball game, he could have done nothing today. He would sit his butt and watch TV the whole day.

The hubby is a great dad to my child. He is a good provider and loves the lil girl to death. I am telling you that he would kill someone who would attempt to hurt his lil one. A very protective dad in the other sense. Dannielle is lucky for having a dad like him.



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