Slow, too slow

SS is so slow this afternoon 'til tonight (10PM CST). I was thinking that it's my internet connection that making it slow. So I tried checking my other favorites such as The World of Filipinas, Ebay, YahooMail and MSN hotmail. All are perfect.

Hmn...what seems to be the cause? THere must be some bugs or admins are doing updates. Either of the two might be right, just guessing (wink).

Honestly, I dunno what to include in my post anymore. I am quite bored. I am alone in this dark night. Everybody in this house is sleeping. Here I am talking bits by bits of this and that just to have an interim for my next paid post. Early tomorrow, I will be modifying my paid posts to ensure approval.

Since my buddy Jackie is at work and my sister is busy, I guess I have no reasons to stay awake this late anymore. So bye-bye for now.

Goodnight everyone! Sweet dreams!


JeSseL said…
salamat sa comment ha, wala pa nakita ang video di man ko kabalo naapa may push the button unsa man na? hahahahaha bitaw oi salbahes jud kaayo si kho mag na na unta na iyaha hahahahahaha! dili nako idelete imong comment oi kong lang sa imo hehehehe

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