Congratulations to you, Best!!!

Anne is 15 weeks pregnant!!! Yey! this calls for a celebration.

By the way, Anne and I met online. To be the whole wide blogosphere. The first time we exchanged messages, we felt the connection. From then on, we call each other "best", short for bestfriend. There is so much about her personality that my instinct is telling me that she is a good individual -- a good friend to keep.

I have not met this pretty new mom in person yet. Someday, somewhere, I'd love to spend time and get to know her more.

Congratulations, Best and hubby!!! hoping you will have a safe and easy pregnancy. It's tough all throughout that course but it is worth it once you see and hold your baby.

Note : photo was copied from Anne's friendster profile with no consent. FOrgive me, Best.


JeSseL said…
salamat day nakita na nako, pastilan pagka klaro kaayo kang maricar medyo ok lang kay katrina kay dili ra kaayo, dapat si maricar ug mo bira kay kho! unya asido unta to ang gibubo sa iyang ulo! bitaw oi i-add unya akong log dria ha dayon ingna ko para ma add sab ka nako, ayo ayo nalang..God bless

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