$64 overdraft charge, heck!!!

I made a mistake when I did not check my account before I went shopping last Friday. I spent just three dollars over my available balance. But before that, I already have made three deposits/transfers from Paypal three days prior to shopping. Normally, the processing takes 3 days at the most. I trusted my instinct that it's gonna happen again but it did not. Til now, it's still "pending". Oh gosh, now I have to pay $64 for the lil amount of money I used.

The problem here is that, I was not notified by the bank (whitney) about the increase of overdraft fee. I thought it was still between $30-$40. What a heck! $64 is too much! I am bursting with anger right now. Might as well call customer service to complain and for clarifications after posting.

I know I have my share of stupidity with this incident. My plan is not to transfer money anymore after I dealt with this and just stick with my Paypal debit card. THat way, I can avoid this crap from happening again.

Shame on WHitney Bank!!!


That's outrageous! I would throw a fit if it were $30! I haven't bounced a check in years (knock on wood) but I always thought there was some sort of $5 allowance. That's shamful!
poray said…
Na mao jud na ako mami bantay ko prmi sa balance ky maru ning mga bangko dri dugay nila iprocess ng mga deposits abutan pa syam2 nya gadahum ka naa money imo account nya wla pa diay. Ang nakapungot pa jud ky ang overdraft fee mao lng gihapon bisan unsa kagamay imo magamit. I hope you will have this straighten out. Next time be cautious ky negosyo mn gud na lagi mao pabor jud sa ila prmi. Ingatz
momgen said…
maayo na lang na imo day kay $64 dollars ra na amoa nga nilibo ang amo [enalty tungod sa banko nga dugay ang processing. Naa pay credit card nga gibayran na full amount after few months natingala mi nga naa mi utang nga overdue daw $15 unya wa mi nakareceive ug notice nga utangan mi. Na daot amo credit score tungod sa kinsi($15) mao di nami kahulam ug money tungod lang ana. Ako if dili emergency di ko kuha sa credit card. hahah
poray said…
I-close na xa then open new account sa lain bank para tibway hehehe...ako bana na magsige na xa ingon sa ako bantay sa overdraft fee lagi dw ky murag nag increase lagi dw ky dati nsa $40 lng kron dw taas na..
ang ako 1099 sa next year n lng guro na tax kng pwed kng dli gani pa amend na lng kaso wla pa time nya wla pa pambayad hehehe...sa ppp n mn lng gud ni oi saon nag email ko sa ila nag 1 week n lng wla reply nya nagfile na mi that evening nagreply na kaayo panghasi...pro sige na lng nahitabo na mn
poray said…
sa haircut dai na niguro ko pangita ug barato oi..ayo n lng nakakita ko tag 15 lang so murag ok na ky ako una naadtuan tag 40 nya wla p kauban tip, pareho lng mn serbisyo..jusme nagsakit ako dughan..dli mn gud ko kamao gupit mao niguro adto sa salon pro once a year lng pud oi kanang dli na makaya kataas sa buhok lol...
Shelly said…
$64 for one overdraft? That is astronimical. I would surely be getting someone on the phone to explain. Hope it's just an error.

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