Bad news

I just talked to my mother earlier. She was crying while telling me that my grandmother is in the hospital. She was found unconscious early in the morning and had peed in bed. She so ill. Her lungs is almost filled with water. The doctor said she'll have a 50-50 chance of surviving if they agree for a surgery.

The family just found out lately that she has lung cancer. Beforehand, when my grandmother was still doing great, she said she wouldn't want to undergo surgery or any means of treatment.

Now, each one of us couldn't do anything to save her. We'll do her will instead and just let her go. She had her house cleaned and told my mother where the wake should take place as well as the funeral. She knows she's about to go.

I am so sad. I dunno if I want to cry. I know it's coming and I hate to think about it. I hate to think that I am not there with her. I hate to think that she'll pass away without me seeing her for the last time.


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