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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Jon and Kate : it's over

I have watched the episode last night. Jon and Kate have clarified things out specifically the speculations about them two having separate lives. The issues about divorce is not just a vague rumor , it's a fact.

What happened to this family? They used to be like the "first Family". Televiewers love watching each and every episode primarily because of family tips and values, lifestyle of a family with multiples, racial concerns and other factors. Now I think this show must end for the sake of young viewers. Jon and Kate plus 8 is no longer a good example of a healthy family. It's all because of the couple's marital status -- Jon's vicious affair and Kate's social lifestyle which led to successive fights and separation.

Forgive me for my aggressive judgement. I just want to reiterate my perception on my previous post about this topic since everything has been cleared.

I understand producers are proud of the ratings. If that would be the basis to retain the show, then who I am for my protest to be listened to? I would just refrain myself from watching the show for my daughter's sake. After all there are still great family reality shows such as 18 kids and counting which has a really good reputation.

Again, let me just tell you that I used to love the show. I was crazy about the kids -- just the kids.

Anyway, I must end this post now. The lil girl is pulling my hair and scratching my thigh. Need to deal with her needs.



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